A few important pointers to designing a wicked top.

A. Select your product. There are over 100 to choose from. T's, Fitted Ladies Tops, Longsleeve, Slim Fit, Sweat's, Hoodies, Jackets, Aprons, Umbrellas and more.
B. Choose the colour of your top.
C. Choose the design you'd like.
D. Choose the colours of the print. Click on 1st colour and choose colour [E], then repeat with 2nd and 3rd colour if necessary. NB This is very important, as some of the default colours won't be what you are looking for.
E. This is where you choose print colours. [Also see H]
F. Size the design, some designs won't be able to be made smaller, but most can be made larger.
G. Position/Centre, Rotate or Flip the design on the top. NB This is also important, you don't want to be walking around with a design on your belly or too close to the neck.
H. Flex, Flock and Special Flex Print. Briefly, Flex is the most popular, it's smooth and is heat pressed onto the shirt and comes in the standard colours and is very durable. Flock is slighty raised, almost puffed and is also very durable and comes in the standard colours too. Special Flex Print has all the glittery colours, but can only be used on one print designs, and is very durable as well.
I. Select size and Add to your basket.
Happy designing.
The Schnax Crew.